Bathrooms – renovate your Personal Space
There is nothing more personal than your shower so upgrading your bath enclosure makes a big difference in your personal life. The simplest change is to recreate your bath environment by ditching your old, boring shower curtains and replacing them with one of todays state-of-the-art shower doors or enclosures. Choose corner swinging doors or front sliding showers designed for home and business. Customers can choose showers of all possible sizes customizing each and every shower with the latest technologies. Designers at Langford Glass help make your dreams come true by working with you to create your dream shower.
Classic Front Shower Doors with All Glass
Frameless shower doors, one of today’s most popular trends, open and unclutter your shower area. These amazing swinging glass doors eliminate the outdated, unsightly metal frames from yesterday. They give your bath area a smooth, sophisticated visual. Clear, transparent shower doors also provide a sleek, modern look so different from the dingy look of the opaque glass that was the standard years ago. Transparent glass provides a sleeker, brighter, more spacious look and even displays your custom shower tiles. However, if you still want some privacy, choose a glass shower door with decorative etched glass. These custom designed doors can feature geometric squares, stripes or even mountain scenery to ocean waves. Enhance your shower area and makes it your special personal space.
Custom Designed Showers with All Glass
Langford Glass designers can redesign your entire shower enclosure. Langford Glass offers a wide range of different models of classic showers. Traditional front showers can be designed with dimensions, sculpture and raw materials that best suit you. If you have the space, design a corner shower with a personalized all glass design. All showers include European metal, aluminum and stainless-steel cladding manufactured in unique CNC mills.
To make your shower enclosure aesthetically pleasing Langford Glass also offers a wide range of curbless showers with frameless doors made of transparent or custom etched glass and a linear floor drain. No ledge to step over and no obvious floor drain.
All Langford Glass custom-made showers are made to the highest standard of safety and security and use the latest technologies Showers can be integrated with a safety electrical mechanism for maximum indulgence.

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