Our Story

It's all started with a kid that loved glass

“Glass for me is a feminine material – my partner and lover, open to my advances, responding to my touch. She has strength but is fluid, almost liquid in some ways. Defined in form but transparent, showing herself, allowing access but with such defined boundaries.

Treat her with love and respect she grows more beautiful with each touch, repays a thousand times with shining beauty and elegance…so many facets and contradictions. There is a deep message in the fact that such a beautiful material comes from simple lifeless sand.“

– Jeremy Langford

4 generations of gLAss art and manufacturing

Jeremy Langford – the international glass artist – instilled in his son David the love of glass art, while continuing unique profession to it’s 4th generation.

David took the love for glass art and developed it to a complete architectural solution, and founded alongside his father, a small company that offers holistic glass solutions, from architectural project management, through glass art and even line of products.

our clients is everything

Our mission is to offer complete architectural glass solutions, to commercial and residential audience, while focusing the clients and his needs, and of course – we add the signature of our artistic vision and mind in every single project.

Langford has the right to work for some of the biggest brand and names like IKEA, Trump Tower, Waldorf Astoria, Mercedes-Benz and more.