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Tomer Feder

The Palace in Modi’in is a prestigious and ground-breaking housing complex for the elderly. The project covers 11 dunams and contains a built-up area of 35,000m2 that includes 239 housing units, recreation and spa facilities, restaurants and buffets, cafes, commercial areas, a banquet hall and more. This complex was designed by the Ministry of Planning, and well-known architects as an innovative and unique residential icon for senior citizens. This pioneering project is a first in the field of assisted living and protected housing for seniors in Israel.
Langford Glass designed and executed extensive glass and aluminum works such as curved screen walls, all glass handrails, aluminum glass handrails, brass crafts, antique brass wooden handles, aluminum trusses, and acoustic partitions. The works took about nine months and required joint cooperation with the project architects to find solutions specifically desiged for seniors.
Entrepreneur – Azrieli Group Ltd.

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