Matam Park is Israel’s leading high-tech and business park. It is a closed campus of approximately 220 dunams, including buildings covering 270,000 m2. The Park includes companies like Intel, Elbit Systems, Microsoft, Apple, Philips, Google, Zim, IBM, Yahoo, and Florist.Langford Glass designed and executed the entrance gates to the park as well as the control […]


The company Qualcomm truly understands what employees need. Their renovation was divided into two separate projects on two floors. The first part of the project created expansive conference rooms that overlooked the sea in Haifa. The second part of the project constructed a gym and a finely designed employee dining room for the welfare of […]

B.S.R 4

LANGFORD was the chief glass and aluminum contractor for BBS Business Center renovation, a 44-story building, which was the fourth tower in a series of buildings. Langford Glass used glass and aluminum in the public areas and allowed the building’s customers to choose either acoustic glass or aluminum partitions. Among other things, Langford installed glass […]