Haifa, Israel


Yoram Maron




Tomer Feder

Matam Park is Israel’s leading high-tech and business park. It is a closed campus of approximately 220 dunams, including buildings covering 270,000 m2. The Park includes companies like Intel, Elbit Systems, Microsoft, Apple, Philips, Google, Zim, IBM, Yahoo, and Florist.
Langford Glass designed and executed the entrance gates to the park as well as the control rooms and guard rooms, which are outfitted with energy efficient LOW E glass that includes ceramic printing are supported by stainless-steel fittings. Doors and windows are integrated in the walls of the building and the entire structure is built to withstand the strong winds that characterize this location due to its proximity to the sea. Being so near the sea was a challenge involved cooperation with a brilliant engineer and aluminum consultant in the field of glass.

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