Azrieli Palace

The Palace in Modi’in is a prestigious and ground-breaking housing complex for the elderly. The project covers 11 dunams and contains a built-up area of 35,000m2 that includes 239 housing units, recreation and spa facilities, restaurants and buffets, cafes, commercial areas, a banquet hall and more. This complex was designed by the Ministry of Planning, […]

Crowne Plaza

The Crowne Plaza has been in Tel Aviv for years and has undergone a drastic facelift, starting with replacing all the glass balconies on the hotel’s balconies, renovating the VIP lobby and updating all 600 hotel rooms. In all the rooms, Langford Glass renovated the shower cubicles, mirrors, glass tabletops, TV cladding, doors and impact […]


The accounting firm of Strauss Lazar covers an entire floor of 1300m2. Langford Glass installed acoustic glass partitions for conference rooms, diverse work positions, luxurious executive rooms and special entrance space. These were Belgian-style aluminum doors and windows, ceramic-colored glass bathroom cabinets, and stainless steel all of which were mostly designed and made for this […]

Glass Elevator

Why build a costly room addition when you can divide the space with glass to create an open, spacious feel? Carpentry framing, drywall, and paint are not only expensive, but permanently box off space making rooms feel small and cramped. Sliding glass room dividers and partitions are perfect for bedrooms, offices, fitness rooms, conference rooms, […]


Matam Park is Israel’s leading high-tech and business park. It is a closed campus of approximately 220 dunams, including buildings covering 270,000 m2. The Park includes companies like Intel, Elbit Systems, Microsoft, Apple, Philips, Google, Zim, IBM, Yahoo, and Florist.Langford Glass designed and executed the entrance gates to the park as well as the control […]