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Tomer Feser

The first Azrieli mall in Rishon LeZion included a shopping mall of three floors plus an office
tower of 15 floors. In the tower lobby, Langford Glass used a printed glass cladding for the
building together with metal cladding that overlapped the elevators. The elevator entrances on
the parking floors were covered with painted glass including glass doors for access to the
The main elevator in the mall has a five-story high canopy covered by glass supported by 316
stainless steel spiders. In addition, Langford Glass made fire hydrants from glass. In the mall and
recreation rooms, Langford Glass made electric doors, glass doors and faced the walls with
printed glass. Throughout the canyon, Langford Glass made metal handrails for metal floors with
stainless steel handholds and wood. The mall construction demanded working closely with the
architect and the engineers to understand complex shop drawings. Completing the project on
time complex coordination with the many different work teams

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