Afula, Israel


Yaski Moore Sivan


General Health Services, SADE PROJECS


Tomer Feder

The Emek Medical Center is a hospital located in the Lower Galilee region, that serves more than 500,000 individuals. The design and construction of a new multifunctional building presented new and unique challenges, The new building spread over 24,000 m2 presented an interesting challenge. The project’s architect wanted to create a unique atmosphere, one that combined a hotel ambiance that would delight patients with a practical, functional building. This combination requires the use of contrasting raw materials, materials that are tough and effective alongside materials that create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
The main objective was to create a pleasant therapeutic environment for the benefit of the patients. Langford Glass used stained glass walls, printed glass, stainless steel handpieces, glass screens, doors and windows, aluminum partitions and glass handrails. The building succeeded in creating a soothing and inviting environment for both patients and staff,

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