Skylights – light up your life

Skylights add beauty, elegance and a breath of fresh air to any home or office. Skylights not only bring new life to a room, but also improve your health and happiness. The increase in natural light that a skylight provides can have a variety of physical and psychological benefits. A skylight creates a positive environment that makes an immense difference to the people living and working in that environment. It is a well-known fact that regular exposure to daylight is essential for good health and good moods. In climates where winter brings darkness very early, skylights can help avoid the disease known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by bringing daylight into what could otherwise be a dark, dimly lit cavern-like spaces. The biggest benefit of skylights is bringing natural sunlight inside, which improves temperaments and increases productivity. In addition, the sunlight from skylights can help heat your home or office and reduce the cost of electricity.
However, skylights can also present problems. In order to be truly effective, skylights must be designed to prevent these downsides. Langford Glass has considerable experience in developing design solutions and technologies for different climates that deliver the beauty of nature with healthy light, warmth and fresh air, with a minimum of energy use.
Langford Glass specializes in combining technological innovation that meet the highest standards and safety requirements. With knowledge gained from years of experience, Langford can provide designs that are effective, efficient and provide cost benefits as well. \
Langford Glass offers a wide variety of specialty glass works in an amazing array of designs such as stained-glass ceiling, a sloping glass ceiling or a domed ceiling with glazing and security using an advanced spider system or glazing in the most advanced aluminum systems.
Langford Glass designs skylights for homes, offices and buildings in every possible size and shape, which can all be customized for the specific needs of each installation.

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